It’s everything you need to
run a successful video/DVD
games/music store!

rental/retail software for the 21st century

ROCKET. The point-of-sale/point-of-hire software that doesn’t leave any detail about your DVD/video/games store to chance. Because you need to know!

Every piece of information from every transaction, every customer, every operator, every sale, every hire, every stock item. ROCKET knows about it.

ROCKET tells you what and who is working. What’s hot. What’s not. What’s profitable. What to order. What’s on order. And when it’s coming! Simple, easy!

Front counter, back office, large stores, small stores, kiosks, big chains, linked stores, solo independents. Anyone, anywhere.

ROCKET. Built for DVD store professionals who know the business. Like us.

who we are

ROCKET comes from CustomSoft Australia Pty Ltd, based in Sydney, NSW. We’re Australia’s most experienced DVD/video rental software developers: we’ve been building software for more than 25 years, right from the very beginning of the rental industry. More than 3,800 copies of our rental software have been sold in 13 different countries, including to many of the video industry’s biggest brand names. And they know what they’re doing!

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