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Speeding up the transaction process for the customer and automating a range of store charging processes comes with the newest addition to the ROCKET line up – the web-based Auto Credit Card charging module.

This gives a store the ability to auto charge a member’s credit card for not only rental fees, but also late fees and a non return/replacement fee.

This functionality was developed for our kiosk software and has now been adapted for use with mainstream ROCKET. It is bundled with the ROCKET Auto Task module (which handles the task scheduling) and a mini USB card swiper. An account with Card Access Services, our chosen credit card payment gateway, is also required.

While the web-based credit card processing is similar to EFTPOS, the module’s automatic functionality working off ROCKET is well ahead of an EFTPOS system.

Features include:

  • Members can join up with a swipe of their credit card, their details being taken from the card’s magnetic strip.
  • This card will automatically be charged at the end of any rental/retail transaction.
  • The transaction is processed immediately online and success/decline shown on the ROCKET screen. The last four digits of the credit card are printed on ROCKET’s receipt for each successful transaction.
  • If a CC member returns a movie late, the late fees will be automatically charged to the card.
  • If movies are still outstanding after a certain period, the late fees and a replacement fee are auto charged to the card.
  • Members just present their credit card each time they want to hire/purchase and they are automatically recognised.
  • Existing members can have a credit card added to their account; all members can choose to pay by cash or card for each transaction. The credit card must be presented as a security measure.

For more information on the Auto Credit Card module click here.

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