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Welcome to the ROCKET Client Area. Here is where you can keep up to date with technical and support issues, download demo software and software scripts, routines and updates.

The 2015 Version 3.05 update of ROCKET is now downloading, and it follows suggestions from our continuing-to-expand user base. Whilst this is not a huge update, we’ve added some very nice enhancements which will make life smoother and more automated.

If you area a franchise or buying group store that has a weekly or nightly update to your head office reporting system (via ROCKET’s Data Communications Module) you have a new option in the version 3.04 upgrade to send the data from within ROCKET on a scheduled basis, and to easily send any missing days.

Speeding up the transaction process for the customer and automating a range of store charging processes comes with the newest addition to the ROCKET line up – the web-based Auto Credit Card charging module.

ROCKET version 3.03 was the last version that is compatible with SQL 2000. For some time we have been advising stores that they must upgrade to either SQL 2005 or 2008, and the time has come when users must make this upgrade.

Microsoft has announced that after April 8, 2014 there will be no more support for Windows XP or Office 2003. This means no security updates, hot fixes or any support options, nor technical content updates.

Whilst we might think Windows 8 is not as easy to use as Windows 7 or XP, ROCKET has no issues with this new operating system.

As we are so obsessive about backups – in your best interests, especially after the many horror stories we’ve seen – we’ve included in the latest ROCKET update the ability to schedule an automatic backup out of hours.

It’s the end of another financial year for Australian ROCKET users, so a few tips to prepare you.

If you are selling or closing your store, ROCKET is one of the assets you can sell or pass on. But there are a few things you need to bear in mind and do.

ROCKET has combined with leading Australian movie data provider Trade Service of Australia for a new service which gives video/DVD stores an easy and cost effective way to have an online presence.

MovieFinder TOUCH is the newest version of our popular movie lookup system, which now features touch screen technology to give in-store customers website-like browsing of movie titles.

New ROCKET customers outside of the traditional bricks and mortar stores have brought new influences to bear on ROCKET’s functionality. As a result, we’ve built these new features into the new Version 3.03 of the software.

How much easier would it be to set up ROCKET to automatically send SMSs or emails based on certain criteria, without any action from you? Now it’s a reality, with ROCKET’s brand new Auto Messaging module.

Part of the VideoMinder data cleanup process prior to converting to Rocket is to clean up those pesky supplier codes. A special routine to do this is supplied as part of the VideoMinder conversion software. However some customers have skipped this step, and have ended up with a messy ROCKET supplier list.

IT’S ONE of the basic and most important rules of operating a computer: do a daily backup. But it’s a rule that many people overlook, only to come to grief when their machinery crashes and they lose the data upon which their business and their livelihood depends!

Text messaging your customers about their late returns, retail order arrivals or special marketing deals has gone to a new level with a unique new ROCKETTXT function in the new 2011 Version 3.02 of ROCKET. With this new ROCKETTXT function, store staff can send SMS messages on an ad hoc basis from inside ROCKET, directly from the transactional or member screens they’re working on.

ROCKET’s brand new Integrated Letters Module greatly enhances your ability to produce letters chasing money owed or late items; this new-build optional module, which succeeds ROCKET’s popular Customer Letters package, operates directly from inside ROCKET using the member and financial data stored in the software. And its unlimited templates feature means you can have as many different letters as you want!

INTEGRATING seamlessly into your ROCKET system, MyVideoStore is the definitive information source to run a professional business. Subscribe today and give yourself a better way to order your movie and in-store needs – no matter what size your store is, who you are affiliated with, or who you currently purchase through!

IN conjunction with SMS gateway provider Edgility Pty Ltd, ROCKET has launched a new web-based SMS sending system which, directly from inside ROCKET, enables you to make direct and personal contact with your customers.

ROCKET’s versatility has been further demonstrated by a newly-created version of the software which works in conjunction with DVD vending kiosks. ROCKET-powered DVD kiosks can be used for browsing and/or vending.

ROCKET’s powerful new Purchase Orders/Customer Orders module greatly simplifies the process of importing and entering monthly stock orders placed through your group head office or through a wholesaler.

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