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It’s the end of another financial year for Australian ROCKET users, so a few tips to prepare you.

  • Run a stock take on both rental and retail products. This will allow you to adjust your stock on hand value for retail items, plus, shift lost or stolen stock to an Unavailable status. Do this first.
  • Then run a Product Inventory Summary report on 30 June and save ready for your accountant. This report will give you the value of your rental, ex-rental and retail stock. Items marked as Unavailable are not included in this  report, so to be accurate you must run the stock takes first.
  • Do a separate end of year backup on a new USB key on 30 June and put this away safely. Don’t re-use!
  • Once you’ve gone into the new financial year you can then look at purging old, unwanted data. This is a separate routine that is issued with ROCKET, but if you can’t find yours, then call the Help Desk. You must backup before running the purge.

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