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members and contact tracking

Keeping accurate and up to date information on your customers is vital for any smart business owner, and ROCKET helps you to do this by:

  • Unlimited details kept on each member
  • Email address and mobile number kept for easy retrieval and marketing
  • Up to five member photos can be captured for added security using the optional PHOTOCHEK Member ID plug-in module
  • Transaction photos taken at counter and stored until debts are paid using the optional PHOTOCHEK Transaction ID plug-in module
  • Parental restriction of children’s rentals
  • Full contact database, including staff & suppliers
  • Keeps history of each customer’s hires and sales; can be reported in both financial and graph form
  • Easy-to-use suite of member marketing reports
  • Additional report generator for more complex member reporting
  • All reports to paper, mail merge, CSV or HTML
  • Integrates with debt collection systems offered by:

              * (http://www NULL.collectyourdebt
              * (http://www NULL.ecollect
              * Entertainment Recoveries (http://www NULL.erecoveries
              * Video Defaulters/Legal & Commercial (http://www NULL.videodefaulters

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