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Store owners can benefit from easier and time-saving management oversight, plus give greater convenience to their customers, with ROCKET’s Multi-Store version.

Multi-Store allows two or more stores to be seamlessly linked on an ADSL wide area network. Owners with a new store close to their original ROCKET site can open with all members already joined, as well as having a ready-made product catalogue.

ROCKET Multi-Store keeps all information in the one database, so an owner or manager can enquire in real time on all aspects of stock and transactions across all stores on the network.

Members can join at any of the linked stores, and (if desired) return items and pay late fees at any of them. Member history and debts details are available at all linked sites, while hire items and stock “belong” to a particular store. You can even use ROCKET’s Chasings module to call for overdue items from all stores, at the one time!

Stock availability is shown for each store separately, and you can enquire on what the “other stores” have available in retail or rental items. Stock transfers are a breeze, and stock can be receipted at once for all stores.

ROCKET Multi-Store allows an owner to report on all aspects of the business on both a store-by-store basis and across all stores. This is invaluable when reporting on stock on hand and what needs to be re-ordered, or what needs to be marked down.

ROCKET Multi-Store operates in conjunction with the base ROCKET program.

To download a brochure about the ROCKET Multi-Store version in PDF format, click here.

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