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First in ROCKET, copied by many! ROCKET’s Chasing function allows you to contact customers who have late rentals and to record their response. No more paper lists to wade through every day. These recorded responses can be retrieved at any time to remind the customer of your attempts to contact them.

User-defined criteria are selected for the basis of the report. The report lists directly to screen; the operator selects which customers to contact and then records comments directly into the system. At all times the software is aware of DVDs being returned, and it updates the list automatically. You are also notified which members have not yet been contacted.

The system will allow the operator to extend the rental of DVDs while on the phone with a customer, and will also allow you to e-mail the customer details of their late movies if you can’t contact them personally (assuming they have an e-mail address). Text messages sent to customers are automatically noted with a time and date stamp.

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