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text messaging from inside ROCKET

ROCKETTXT is a web-based SMS sending system which, directly from inside ROCKET, enables you to make direct and personal contact with your customers. You can text targeted customers or all of them in bulk; it takes just seconds. ROCKETTXT comes with powerful marketing features, advanced statistical options and an up to date and sophisticated delivery system.

Using ROCKETTXT is simple: For bulk messaging, first setup your templates, use a ROCKET report to select the members, then click on your ROCKETTXT button and you are ready to start sending!

For single messages, simply use the Contact Member functions inside ROCKET. This ad hoc function allows the operator to send a single SMS or email directly from:

  • The returns screen
  • The transaction screen
  • When a reserved item has been returned
  • From the chasings module
  • From an individual member file
  • When retail orders are available

Plus, ROCKETTXT has all these features:

ROCKET Mobile Member Cleanup Routine
– scan your entire member base to find and manage any member marked with a mobile number

Live Delivery Reports
– track individual messages from the time they are sent to the moment they are delivered

Local Messaging Gateways
– be comfortable knowing that your messages are delivered securely via local messaging gateways. Our up to date messaging technology ensures that messages reach recipients faster than ever

Multimedia Messaging Service
– enhance your mobile marketing campaigns with the power of graphics. Don’t just tell them about a great movie release, show them!

Dynamic Reply Functionality
– increase efficiencies by receiving replies to your mobile or to your online SMS inbox

To see ROCKETTXT in action visit (http://www NULL.rockettxt To download a flyer on ROCKETTXT click here

The ROCKETTXT SMS messaging service is provided by Edgility Pty Ltd, Suite 516, 55 Miller St, Pyrmont NSW 2009  Phone 1300 764 451. If Calling from overseas please call +612 9518 5955. ROCKET is automatically integrated with ROCKETTXT.


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