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transactions/point of sale

ROCKET has one simple transaction screen, which handles sales, rentals and refunds, and allows access to any other part of ROCKET while keeping the transaction open. You are always in control!

  • Rentals and sales made easy within a simple integrated transaction
  • Deferred or part payments handled for stock sales, rentals and extended fees.
  • Handles multiple payments for the same transaction, eg, part cash, part credit
  • Seamlessly integrates loyalty point redemption into transactions, allowing a member to use points against a transaction or a specific redemption item
  • Sophisticated security system tracks shifts, safe drops, operator activity; produces audit trails
  • Full staff/operator database
  • Supports till pay-ins, pay-outs and safe drops
  • Full reservation system, and customer order module (rental, ex-rental and retail)
  • Suspend transactions: customers can interrupt the transaction, return to the store for more items, and then resume the transaction

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