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auto messaging and task scheduler

ROCKET’s Auto Messaging module allows you to set up and automatically send SMSs or emails based on certain criteria, or certain tasks, without any action from you.  This module lets you set up scheduled tasks such as:

  • sending an SMS to late members and updating Chasings
  • welcoming new members with a special offer (email or SMS)
  • sending out birthday messages (email or SMS)
  • auto sending a receipt by email for all transactions
  • auto “selling” movies that have been kept too long, and putting a charge on file
  • sending a list of outstanding late fees to a debt collector

Within each category of message you can schedule as many tasks as you like. For example, for late chasings you could have a daily reminder for late new releases, and a reminder every three days for weekly movies that are late. Auto selling late movies could be set up once a week, charging for all formats and terms.

These tasks can be scheduled to go out at a set time each day: For SMS tasks you set up the templates of what you want to say only once, set up the scheduler, then off they go. Non SMS tasks are set up to run with the parameters pre-set, then left to run.

For text messages, the Auto Messaging module works in conjunction with the ROCKETTXT SMS service. For information on ROCKETTXT click here.

To get the new Auto Messaging module email (sales null@null rocketrental us or call +612 9634 8900.

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