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write your own debts letters from inside ROCKET

ROCKET’s Integrated Letters Modules makes it even easier for you to get out overdue letters to those persistent late renters or to chase debts yourself before handing them to a debt collection agency.

The brand new, upgraded Integrated Letters Module operates directly from inside ROCKET, giving you an easy and integrated way to write letters chasing money owed or late items using the member and financial data stored in the software. And, its unlimited templates feature means you can have as many different letters as you want!

Features include

  • Letters can be set up for overdues, debts owed, as a statement, or as a plain letter
  • Choose who gets the letter from within ROCKET’s powerful debts and overdues reporting system as well as from marketing reports
  • You are totally in control of what you say in the letters
  • Attach your logo, and print in colour or black and white. No need to use expensive letterheads
  • Designed to fit in window-faced envelopes
  • Include or exclude members based on previous letters you have sent
  • Auto-add a tag/note to the member’s file when the letter is produced
  • Overdues letters auto-update ROCKET’s Chasings feature with a response and date/time stamp
  • Mailing list shown on screen prior to printing, to allow you to select or de-select members
  • Can bulk change the Member Status and Category of the members included in the run for overdues and debts letters

Click here to download a flyer on the Integrated Letters Module.

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