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photochek member ID

HAVING a sure fire way to identify exactly who is hiring your movies or games is a powerful deterrent against theft or fraud. ROCKET’s optional PHOTOCHEK Member ID module lets you take digital photographs of every renter and store them on your hard disk alongside your membership files.

just needs a camera

Member ID is completely integrated into your ROCKET in-store system; all it requires is a simple USB webcam to trap customer photos, either at join-up or for any current member. When a customer is served in ROCKET (either by scanning the barcode on a member card or typing in the member number), Member ID interrogates its photographic database and displays a photograph of the member.

Family memberships are easily handled by Member ID’s ability to store up to five photographs per membership; when a family member is served, Member ID will scroll through the five photographs on file, or they can be advanced manually.

typical installation

In a typical setup only one webcam is required for taking the photographs, although all serving screens display them. If necessary, each screen can have its own webcam. Taking a photo is quick and easy, and multiple photos can be taken in quick succession, with the best being saved for display. Photographs can be deleted and retaken at any time, and member details, debts and photographs can be printed or emailed for record-keeping or debt collection.

To download a flyer about the PHOTOCHEK Member ID module in PDF format, click here.

Disclaimer: CustomSoft makes no representations and provides no warranties as to the legitimacy of the use of PHOTOCHEK Member ID module. It is the responsibility of each purchaser to ensure that their use of this module is in accord with legislative or other requirements existing in their country, state, territory, province or community, and each purchaser so warrants accordingly.

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