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ROCKET powers live data for your online presence

ROCKET’s Website module makes it easy and cost effective for you to have your own  website, using live data to show your rental and ex-rental library titles, and giving your customers the ability to make online reservations.

The module integrates your ROCKET data files with your own named and badged discrete website, which runs off Trade Service of Australia’s Reserve Zone website. Only items in your store are shown on your site. Your ROCKET data is protected by our secure web server.

The website gives you the opportunity to reduce your store retail footprint and staff costs. Let the Internet do the work for you! The module comes with movie trailers, an in-store module and a website app for iOS and Android.

Features include:

  • No expensive website to be developed. We’ve done all the hard work for you
  • Your own microsite with your own brand/logo
  • Ability to promote store specials through a deals page
  • Have a link to your Facebook page
  • Movie content (actor, synopsis, cover art, trailers) is automatically displayed, based on your ROCKET product file
  • Your store name, trading hours, contact details, deals and Google maps location are shown
  • Website is updated every few minutes with changes to your stock
  • The web module also has an in-store version to run on a separate PC in your store. This allows your customers to check if a title is available and tells them where to find it.
  • The mobile app lets customers link your website to their mobile devices (Android or iPhone/iPad), and take you wherever they go! This is done simply by their scanning a code at your front counter off your website or via an email from you. The website will then automatically show on these devices in a mobile format
  • Maximise returns on ex-rentals through online promotions
  • Reservations requested by your customers are immediately sent back into ROCKET
  • Members can browse your library and only log in if they want to reserve.
  • Logins are based on data already collected by ROCKET, such as members’ mobile and PIN
  • Full searching by title, actor, director, genre, format, TV series, ex-rental, collections (eg, Hitchcock, James Bond, Oscars).
  • Hyperlinks on directors and actors to their other movies

Check out the demo at (http://www NULL.reservezone

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