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photochek transaction ID

Set up at the serving counter, ROCKET’s fully-integrated PHOTOCHEK Transaction ID module automatically takes a photograph at the start of each transaction, to show the person being served. There’s nothing extra for the operator to do!

Saved on your computer’s hard disk, each photograph is linked to the transaction with full details of what was hired, returned or bought, and the date and time.

And the photographs are easy to access; view them on screen when enquiring on late items or unpaid overdue fees or from a member’s history, and when calling for overdues. Photos are compressed, and automatically deleted after a set time.

print out, email for debt collection

Plus for debt collection purposes, ROCKET allows you to print the photo on a special form showing the member’s details and full details of the transaction. And it can also be emailed.

A camera that supports the Twain interface is all that’s required for each serving screen. Even better, a face tracking camera makes it easier to get a good photo of the member’s face.

To download a flyer about the PHOTOCHEK Transaction ID module in PDF format, click here.

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