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MovieFinder TOUCH is the newest version of our popular movie lookup system, which now features touch screen technology to give in-store customers website-like browsing of movie titles.

The module includes the ability to run movie trailers, and it interfaces directly with the ROCKET database to ensure availability information is always up to date.

MovieFinder TOUCH runs on a separate touch screen PC or slate running Windows XP or Win7, with a network cable to the ROCKET server, plus Internet access to stream the trailers. The module can be used with a mouse as well as the touch screen.

Customers can search by actor, movie name, format and/or category, see the DVD/Blu-ray cover artwork, play a trailer, see if you have copies for rent, retail or ex-rental, and see where to find them in store. See a demo here.

The content data, artwork and optional trailers are supplied by Trade Service of Australia; users will require the ROCKET Video Source interface as well as a subscription to TSA’s services.

Existing MovieFinder customers can upgrade to the new TOUCH version at a reduced price. Email (sales null@null rocketrental us or call +612 9634 8900 to order.

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