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ROCKET has combined with leading Australian movie data provider Trade Service of Australia for a new service which gives video/DVD stores an easy and cost effective way to have an online presence.

ROCKET’s new Website module integrates with Trade Service’s Reserve Zone website to give individual stores their own named and badged discrete website, running constantly-updated live titles data from their ROCKET product file.

This allows their customers to browse online the complete store catalogue (including ex-rentals for sale), as well as being able to log in and reserve titles for rent and ex-rentals to buy; these are made directly in to ROCKET. A store’s ROCKET data is protected by our secure web server.

The module comes with movie trailers, an in-store module and a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Full movie content information, including synopsis, actors and cover art, is displayed automatically from Trade Service’s database. The information is searchable and provides links to the actors’/directors’ other movies.

Promotional facilities include a special deals page and a link to the store’s Facebook page.

As well as giving a store enhanced marketing and customer service opportunities, the ROCKET module and the Reserve Zone website give the option for a store to reduce its retail footprint and staff costs.

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