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New ROCKET customers outside of the traditional bricks and mortar stores have brought new influences to bear on ROCKET’s functionality. As a result, we’ve built these new features into the new Version 3.03 of the software,

New features include:

  • Ability to cap late fee $ by term
  • Ability to limit the number of movies on rent by term rather just a than a total number
  • A new task scheduler to automatically handle backups, shrink and re-indexing, plus send you an email if the backup is not successful
  • Warning of the default ex-rental price on the Product file when marking volumes as ex-rentals
  • Changes to Left On Shelf report to enable you to choose more parameters, like time of day and % to mark down
  • Promos can now be based on a % off the normal price or as a $ rebate off. These new settings apply to rental, retail and ex-rental promos
  • Add new members without adding their address (protected by a system setting)
  • Ignore punctuation when searching on products and volumes. Eg, 310 to Yuma rather than 3:10 to Yuma, Americas Sweet hearts rather than America’s Sweethearts, etc
  • You can save multiple reports in the Overdue Reports option
  • The ratings cell in the Transaction screen will be easier to spot by attaching a new colour option to each rating

Plus many other features.

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