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If you are selling or closing your store, ROCKET is one of the assets you can sell or pass on. But there are a few things you need to bear in mind and do.

To make the sale legal you must pass over to the new owner the latest ROCKET master disk you have, and you must also disclose to the purchaser the current version you are entitled to as well as any optional modules you have. In short, the law says if you don’t have the master disk, you don’t own or have the right to use the software. That’s called piracy, and nowadays software piracy in a business is a serious criminal offence. So, play safe.

Also, to enable us to re-register the licence in the new owner’s name, you and the purchaser need to fill in Change of Ownership forms, which are available here.

If you are looking at purchasing a second hand licence, you should contact us first to verify the ownership of that licence, and, just as importantly, to check the currency of the licence.  We’ve had a number of instances of stores buying a ROCKET licence from a closing store but only belatedly finding that the version was so old that we no longer support it, nor could it be installed on modern machinery. In each instance the purchaser needed to spend more money to upgrade the licence to a practical and modern version.

If you have any queries on buying/selling a ROCKET licence, call us on +612 9634 8900 or email (admin null@null rocketrental

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