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just bought a second hand copy of ROCKET?

can you prove it?

If you are a seller or a purchaser of a second hand copy of ROCKET, don’t run the risk of becoming a software pirate. A sale is only legal if the master disk of the program is present and passed over to the new owner.

The copy of the software that is made when you load the program off the master disk onto your computer is a “reproduction copy”, and it is a criminal offence to allow that reproduction copy to be used by anyone else or for you to dispose of it or copy it. It is NOT your legal copy of the program and is NOT your proof of ownership; that resides only in the master disk.

So, if you don’t have the master disk/s (of the latest version that’s been sold/issued to you) you don’t have anything to sell. Possibly someone else has them, and not only are you selling a pirate copy, you could also create problems for the purchaser. Without master disks they cannot reload the program after, say, a machine crash or hardware upgrade, or upgrade their software. That could leave you open to legal action by the purchaser.

what to do

To remain legal, when you sell a copy of ROCKET you must:

Ensure that the software is removed from your computer

Pass across to the other party the master disks, manuals and all other documentation related to the software

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