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software maintenance and upgrade plans

ROCKET offers a comprehensive software maintenance and upgrade service for users. This is provided for the first 12 months as part of the purchase package, and is optionally renewable thereafter.

Customers can choose to pay for this service annually upfront or on a pay-by-the-month basis. The latter option is made via a monthly credit card payment or by auto-debit from a bank account.


(NOTE: the below details the standard support service; there are options which provide differing levels of service, time availability and price)

  • 7 days per week access to the ROCKET Help Desk (1800 call from within Australia, except local call from Sydney metro area). Email support responded to only during Sydney office hours (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm Sydney time)
  • (NOTE: outside ROCKET office hours support is restricted to emergencies and/or major operating problems. Does NOT cover routine items such as setting up terms and promotions, setting up/printing reports, installation and set up of peripheral devices, or assistance in the running of routines and conversions.
  • Provision at no extra charge of all ROCKET software general release updates/new versions (not optional modules) issued during the currency of your plan, free access to special software routines and scripts already contained in our library. (Software updates, routines, etc provided only as website or email downloads – CLICK HERE for more information)
  • Assistance with hardware problems and operating systems, to the extent that they can be corrected with telephone advice (this applies only to simple problems, and only for hardware and operating systems supplied by us). Calls restricted to 15 minutes.


  • Reconfiguration, or re-installation of ROCKET software onto a new machine or workstation, or recovery or reconstruction or correction of ROCKET data. These are chargeable items.
  • Replacing or upgrading ROCKET master disk, or provision of previous ROCKET updates (eg, updates issued while a user was not on support). These are chargeable items.
  • On-site visits or in-house repairs/assistance, either hardware or software-related
  • Freight, including where repairs are covered by warranty (all warranties are “back-to-base”, except where specified)
  • The provision of optional ROCKET software routines, modules or the like
  • Support on software or hardware supplied by a third party. This includes third party software or products that may interface with ROCKET.

Please note: Rectification of faults caused by mis-use of ROCKET software or failure to follow correct procedures as stated in the ROCKET manuals are chargeable items. ROCKET Help Desk will not handle faults caused by or in usage of unlicensed software, or involving viruses of any nature (except viruses proven to be present in original ROCKET software). Hardware warranty is voided where faults are caused by mis-use, failure to follow correct procedures as stated in manufacturers’ manuals, or by tampering of equipment by unauthorised persons.

For further information on the ROCKET software maintenance and upgrade plans email here (admin null@null rocketrental

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