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ROCKET software upgrades – are you eligible?

Software upgrades for ROCKET and its optional modules are provided to customers from the special download page of this website.

Customers who are eligible to receive an update are advised individually by email of the availability of the update, together with details of the download page address and their individual password. Full download and installation instructions are provided on the download page and/or with the software download.

If any eligible customers have not received a software update advice email, because their email address is invalid, has changed or could not be accessed by us, they should email the administration team (admin null@null rocketrental to check their eligibility to receive a download and/or to provide their current/correct email address.

Special software routines and scripts, which are available to customers with a software maintenance and upgrade plan, are also sent by email or via the website.

The current ROCKET version is v3.04

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