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Text messaging your customers about their late returns, retail order arrivals or special marketing deals has gone to a new level with a unique new ROCKETTXT function in the new 2011 Version 3.02 of ROCKET.

With this new ROCKETTXT function, store staff can send SMS messages on an ad hoc basis from inside ROCKET, directly from the transactional or member screens they’re working on.

This ad hoc function allows the operator to send a single SMS or email from:

  • The returns screen
  • The transaction screen
  • When a reserved item has been returned
  • From the chasings module
  • From an individual member file
  • When retail or ex-rental orders are available

The new feature works in conjunction with the current functions of ROCKETTXT, which enables users to SMS in bulk to late renters, welcome new members, send news of upcoming movie sales, enticing back lapsed renters (with an MMS) or any marketing broadcast.

The new ROCKETTXT also makes the sending of bulk messages quicker, with an auto logon to the store’s account on the website. Bulk messaging allows a user to see a detailed list of potential customers to receive the message, enabling the store to select which customers get the message.

ROCKETTXT, which has been a feature of ROCKET for some time, provides a powerful tool for both broadcast and individual member marketing and communication. (See more at (http://www NULL.rockettxt or email (sales null@null rocketrental

It’s another example of how external video industry services are being integrated into ROCKET, to enable store staff to handle so much more than just front counter work from their point of sale system.

ROCKET already gives users integrated links to the video industry’s major debt collectors, group head office and external product ordering systems, the internet, movie data and head office reporting and data collection systems.

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