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If you area a franchise or buying group store that has a weekly or nightly update to your head office reporting system (via ROCKET’s Data Communications Module) you have a new option in the version 3.04 upgrade to send the data from within ROCKET on a scheduled basis, and to easily send any missing days. This in-built scheduler can also be used by New Zealand stores which send data on a revshare plan.

As part of this setup, we add an email “external gateway” which allows ROCKET to automatically use your email account for sending data. This gateway can also be used to send emails to you or your manager re the success or failure of your backups, send data to a debt collector, and you can contact customers by email on an ad hoc basis.

Scheduled tasks are also logged in your exceptions log, so you can check on a day by day basis to see whether that shrink and re-index or backup ran successfully.

If you have not yet set up this new option, contact the Help Desk.

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