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The 2015 Version 3.05 update of ROCKET is now downloading, and it follows suggestions from our continuing-to-expand user base. Whilst this is not a huge update, we’ve added some very nice enhancements which will make life smoother and more automated.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Checking across all formats for Seen Before on a movie. Because people forget what they’ve watched, and with both DVD and Blu-ray available for movies, we now check across all formats, by spelling of the movie title, to see if it’s been hired before.
  • Loyalty points table has been enhanced: with so many stores using loyalty points to keep their customers coming back, we’ve added ex-rentals to the table, as well as splitting the rental and sales by product type into new tables. This allows you to award different points per $ spent for rental, late fees, ex-rentals and sale items.
  • Extra security settings have been added.
  • To assist customers who are cleaning up their databases ready to install our new website module (see separate story) we’ve added the ability to print only Products that DO have available copies (from the Product Information Listing). This is extremely handy when you need to check what old copies you have that need renumbering or cleaning up if, say, you have converted to Rocket from VideoMinder or Ezy/Blockbuster Retail.
  • When joining new members, the Duplicate Member search will now also check the Member ID field for a duplicate across all other members, no matter what the other details are.

Release notes with full details of updates can be found in the Client Area of the website or Click Here.

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