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Whilst we might think Windows 8 is not as easy to use as Windows 7 or XP, ROCKET has no issues with this new operating system. However, the installation process is different and lengthy.

All ROCKET DVD masters issued after August 2012 are compatible with an installation on Windows 7 or 8 (64 bit) and will also update the ROCKET SQL database to SQL 2005 or SQL 2008 – a requirement for Windows 8.

If your ROCKET master is older than this, you will need to purchase the Windows 8 version. Cost is A$295 + GST (for customers with a current support contract) or A$395 + GST for all others. If you are not entitled to the latest version of ROCKET you will also need to purchase these upgrades. Call us at +612 9634 8900 or email. (sales null@null rocketrental

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